Getting Started, Code of Conduct & Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Flight platform! We are excited to have you join us. We thought it might be helpful to share some of the best practices, FAQs, and expectations for all trainers and instructors developed with input from our Advisory Group which is comprised of industry experts, fitness entrepreneurs and professionals.


Be sure to read the Tip Sheet that you’ll receive when you start on the platform. It has some great tips that came out of several testing sessions with trainers and clients. If you didn’t receive the Tip Sheet, you may request a copy at You can also access the Setup Tips in the App under your Settings.

The more hours you make yourself available, the more often you will turn up in client requests. We recommend to setting your availability every week to a minimum of 15-20 hours per month, but more is preferable.

The best times to make yourself available for clients is from 5 - 8 AM and 5 - 9 PM during weekdays and almost anytime on weekends. This is when we have the highest demand for workout sessions. However, we also have freelancers and remote teams who have more flexibility to workout during the middle of the day. Optimally, the best thing to do is make yourself available as often as possible without worrying about staying at home and waiting for a request to appear. You can go about your day, and you’ll get notified (via email and push notifications) when someone requests a training session. Be sure your push notifications are turned on for the Flight app in your mobile phone settings. You’ll then have at least 2 hours to prepare for your session.


What are the Terms of Service? . . .

The ToS are located here and by using the Flight platform, you are agreeing to the ToS. The ToS covers expectations in the case of cancellations, professionalism, customer service, and conditions that are considered violations of the terms that could result in deactivation of your account. These things include recruiting clients for your own fitness business which is prohibited, promoting your own fitness business, excessive session cancellations, and inactive accounts due to not submitting your availability to take on clients.

I’d like to refer another trainer. How do I do that? . . .

If you know another great trainer who is interested in joining Flight, please email us at and we will be in touch. We interview every personal trainer and yoga instructor that wants to join our platform. Once they’ve been interviewed and been given access to the platform, s/he can fill in their profile and then we will activate it.

What mobile devices can I use with Flight? . . .

The Flight App was made to be very simple, intuitive and easy to use. Flight is optimized for iPhones, Android phones, tablets and laptops. For laptops using Chrome, Safari and IE browsers go to the web app at and then login. For iPhone and Android phone users, you will be able to download the native app via the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

How am I paid and how often? . . .

You will need to provide your banking info and signature so, that we can direct deposit into your banking account. We do not write & send checks. For special cases (i.e. foreign currency payments), we can use another payment method to be done on a case-by-case basis. Trainers will be paid once per month (30th) but please take into account 2-3 business days for transactions to hit your bank account.

How much am I paid? . . .

This will vary depending on how many sessions you do. The more sessions you do, the more you will be paid. We pay generous market rates and trainers keep a majority of the fee. For more details, please send a message to

Can I bring one of my existing clients to the platform? . . .

Yes, we would love to have your client use our platform. If you want to invite your client to the platform, have him/her sign up for an account and then, make sure s/he puts your first and last name for the question in their profile about which trainer referred them. This ensures that your profile appears when s/he books a session. S/He can then select you as their trainer request sessions with you. If you have any issues or questions, please contact us at

What if there is a technical problem? . . .

Usually if you relaunch the App, this addresses any issues. If there are issues during the video session, just click the red cancel button and cancel out of your session. Then, JOIN your session again. This usually takes care of any video issues. If you have any other questions, please contact us at

What if I want to get in touch with a client before/after the session? . . .

We will have direct messaging with your clients available in the next version that will launch in Sept./Oct. 2019! This was a feature that many of our trainers requested.

What if I get a new client who has never used Flight before? . . .

We’re just getting started and most of our clients will be new to the platform. We provide 2 free sessions for each new client and if you get a client who has never been on the platform before, you can use the session to do a fitness and health assessment but make sure you add notes to their profile when they’re done. You can do this immediately after the App is done, or via Past Sessions under your Settings.

How do I submit my client feedback form if I didn’t have time after the session to fill it in? . . .

It’s very important to fill out your client forms after your session as this helps keep track of client progress. If you’re working with back-to-back sessions you can fill in the client form by going to Past Sessions under your Settings.

If you have other questions you’d like added, please send a message to


Trainers and instructors are expected to conduct themselves with professionalism at all times with clients and offer a high-level of customer service. 

Trainers and instructors are expected to be punctual, show up for their scheduled sessions, look professional and take time to properly prepare their space and workouts for their sessions. 

We strongly encourage trainers to sign up for a minimum of 15-20 hours per month, preferably during peak client times (e.g. mornings, after business hours and weekends) to get the maximum exposure on the platform.

Trainers are expected to commit to the sessions clients have reserved with them and keep cancellations to a minimum.

For each workout session, the Client should receive your undivided attention with no interruptions from pets, phone calls/text messages, visitors or children, as applicable.

Trainers are expected to fill in client progress forms on the App, Web App or online when their session is completed.  

Using the Flight platform to promote your fitness business is prohibited and can result in you being removed from the platform. 

Using the Flight platform to recruit clients to your business is prohibited and can result in you being removed from the platform.  

If you need to cancel a session that has been pre-scheduled in advance, we ask that you give the client 24-hour notice.    

By using the Flight platform, you agree to these terms and the terms outlined in the Terms of Service